Tailor-made for you

Hello, World! is the most personalized learning experience designed to help you learn new vocabulary.
  • Material designed only for you
  • Science-based using spaced repetition
  • Engaging and effective
  • Above all it’s - fun!


We believe that people are the most important part of the learning experience. With this in mind, we envision a world where people learn new vocabualry through their own unique experiences.

A bit of ML magic

We start with people at the center of the learning process and combine this with a little bit of machine learning (ML). We also know that an algorithm is not always the best answer.

The right timing

To best learn, we need to discover the moments that matter most without being too monotonous. In this case, we use spaced repetition to make sure vocabulary learning is most impactful and lasting.

“Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hello, World! use photos?

Unlike most apps that use AI, Hello, World! works entirely on your phone and your photos never leave your device. To support the creation of learning material, we give each photo a unique identifier consisting of a string of numbers and all the magic (machine learning) is on-device.

Why does image recognition sometimes feel off?

If the main subject of the vocabulary is not always the main point focus in the photo, it’s because we are still working on getting the best result. At the moment, we have our algorithms trained to detect any object that will be in the photo; with the result being not what is always expected.

Where is the version for Android?

At the moment Hello, World! is only available for iOS/ iPhones. When we have the resources, we plan on creating a version for those using Android.

Where can I provide feedback?

We thrive on user feedback and know that we can only learn when we get feedback. That being said, when you have the Hello, World! app up and running, you can provide feedback be contacting us using the menu ‘Contact’ above.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To unleash the world's most abundant resource: human potential and drive the world towards a more equitable society.

A mutual sense of curiosity with a strong bias towards action was the start of Hello, World!; a category defining learning company focussed on designing a more personal learning experience.

We believe that people are the most important part of the learning experience. With this in mind, our first product, Hello, World! is a language learning app for digital nomads.

— Jeremy & Alex

Contact Us

Whether you have questions or you would just like to say hello, feel free to drop us a line.

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